Wednesday, September 24, 2008

When Hollywood Attacks.

So while on my favorite website,, I found these lovely pictures of Aubrey O'Day--member of Danity Kane.

Now I used to love Aubrey...emphasis on used to. I thought she was pretty, fun, and extraordinarily the girl could sing, without a doubt.

Here's a clip of her audition for Making The Band 3, waaaaay back in the day. At this point, I loved her. I thought she was the underdog whose determination and drive was so admirable. Therefore, she deserved success.

Little did I know that as time went on, she would get worse and worse. Hollywood really got to her, I mean Aubrey looks like a completely different person. Not only that, but her ego is massive. I feel sad for her, she's never gonna get that pure, cute, innocent Aubrey look back, not after all the surgery she's been through. Observe:

I mean, come on. The hair, the hair color, the boobs, the nose, the lips, the cheek bones. Its just sad. And here lies the problem- Hollywood. When some people finally make their way into the limelight, they run with it and end up looking like this:

Kudos to Aundrea, Shannon, Dawn, and D Woods for not letting the hype get to them. Now I totally understand when Diddy gets on Aubrey for just being too much. That's what she is. She's just too much. If she toned down everything maybe 5 notches, she would be so much more like-able and relate-able. Her natural sex appeal was evident when she first started Making The Band, hence why she got magazine shoots like this:

But I guess the need for her to amp up this appeal spiraled out of control, resulting in shit like this:

Two Words: HOT MESS

Get it together, Aubrey. We miss the natural you...

BTW - Brandy is making a comeback? And Biggie's movie is coming out? Throwback, fo real fo real.