Thursday, November 20, 2008

She stopped drinking diet coke, she on that coke diet

I get hooked on a song when the beat is ill.

This song is so dope (previous blog song). The video is nice too but alas, copyright infringment is alive and well and I couldn't post the vid on my blog.

NERD/Neptunes never fail! I really only have 3 artists on my "They can do no worng" list (in order):

#1 - T-Pain
#2 - Lupe
#3 - Neptunes
#4 - Weezy (almost)
#5 - Jeezy (almost)

Still worth the listen:

A noble dick...

And the magic that is Def Poetry continues. She's the bomb:

Aww Papa

This morning was my usual routine - get up, shower, brush teeth, make coffee, and get dressed while watching re-runs of Fresh Prince. One of the commercials that came on was an ad campaign for the federal governments attempt at emphasizing the importance of fatherhood.

Since most of the non-exsistent fathers are black, of course a black guy is featured in the commercial, but quite frankly, its one of the cutest commercials I've seen thus far. It gets the point across while still maintaining a light-spirited attitude and I loved it.

It's commercials like these that make me wish I didn't fit the typical minority stereotype of only having a single parent. I used to get extremely depressed over it, but my mom is the best mom/dad/best friend I could ever have, so whatever.

Brava to whoever thought of this concept. Simply brilliant. Enjoy:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stephanie Strikes Again!

The LOML found this vid on YouTube and I had to share it.

This is what I call skill, my friends. Human monkeys? Perhaps. All I know is that this is amazing.

People are crazy. I love people.

Last one...for now...

Ok ok ok. This is the third def poetry post within the past 15 min, but I just can't help it.

Dana Gilmore is a force to be reckoned with.

Shout out to Winsome :)


Yellow Rage

Yellow Rage is the name of this performance (I'm not racist) and this shit is illlllll.

They legit spit fire.

RSN- Now that I realized how much I love Def Poetry Jam and how I have not been publicizing its magic on my blog, be prepared for many poetry videos to come.

Don't fuck with Asians. Ever. Observe:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Love Love

I can't believe I haven't put this up yet.

This is one of the BEST performances on Def Poetry I've ever seen. Damn yo. Love is a beautiful thing :)

He is so dope and so talented and so relate-able. This is the video that inspired me to start writing.

Worth the watch, I promise:


Sooo though the election is over, I still can't really stop talking about this character Sarah Palin. Everyone and their mother was her for halloween and I personally just think she's really entertaining.

BBC news has titled this Palin sensation "Palintology" which is absolutely brilliant.

This video is a perfect example of how many people are talking about her/trying to be her. Peep the Palin impersonator standing to the right of McCain at a rally a couple of weeks ago:

HILARIOUS! She actually waves and says thank you! Hot damn

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Doggie Style?

Meet Toffee:

Two Words: Tini Puppini


This would look ridiculous on a human, let alone a poor animal. Are they trying to inspire kids to wear this shit? Or torture their unknowing animals with this as their everyday wardrobe?

I don't know what is on the minds of the toy makers these days. Not only is the concept messed up, but the fashion itself is whack and outdated. Lets dissect this picture:

1) The glittery head band - I'm pretty sure the last time someone wore one of these was in 1996...if that. And if their going for the Auberella-headband-look...well..that doesn't work either.

2) The quaff- Between the tumor on the top of its head and the pink and white highlights...

3) The gold studded collar - bling?

4) The pseudo-leopard print shirt and the tight jeans - no comment.

5) The black platform shoes. All four of them. On a dog.

Aaaaanndd on top of all of this, the commercial is even more absurd! I tried to find it on YouTube, but no luck, so please look out for it. In the commercial, Tutu....or Toffee exclaims "I love my tail in these jeans!" Wow. Really now?

What's even worse? They named the dogs Tisha, Toffee and Tutu. And the slogan is "Unleash Your Doggie Diva." And you can even add them on facebook!

This is def that kinda thing where some 40something, geezer looking, old-school, company exec tried to push what she thought was cool on the rest of us. Who approved this?! Who even thought of this!? Who is actually gonna buy this!? Damn shame.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Queer Cheers for Keith!

Damn son. Keith Olbermann is the man. He breaks down the facts like no other political analyst ever.

Tonight on Countdown, Mr. Olbermann discussed the passing of Proposition 8 in California. He brings up so many excellent points about the absolute hypocrisy that fuels not letting same-sex couples get married. He's the man. I have no idea how anyone could actually argue against him.

I mean, let's be honest, why do people even care? If someone wants to love someone else, I'm all for it! Love is love, people, and Lord knows that this world could use more of it. There are too many pressing issues that actually need our attention and gay marriage is not one of them. Gay marriage is not even an issue.

Ugh. This topic makes me really heated.


Get it Keith.

Black Love

I need to stop taking such long hiatus's (sp?) from blogging. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo much has happened that needs to be discussed.

I'm at work now so I figured it wouldn't be an appropriate time to thoroughly get into the madness that occurred last week, so this is gonna be a short blog that's unrealted to politics...kinda.

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the amazingly influential, inspiring, loving and sincere black couples that are in the media. I saw this layout of the Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith photo shoot done by essence magazine (via, of course) and I thought it was beautiful. Enjoy:

And now for the most influential/beautiful/legitimate black couple ...

Stay Tuned.