Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Drill Baby, Drill.

Drill Baby, Drill. That was the chant of the audience at this years' Republican National Convention.

Wow. The Republican National Convention is so inexcusably ignorant its scary. I am ashamed and disgusted that Rudy Giuliani was once my mayor.

All this convention is doing is bashing Barack Obama. Giuliani said "he is the most unexperienced presidential candidate in the past 100 years." Wow. Really? Really now? In the past 100 years!?!


Don't get me wrong, it is very admirable to be apart of the military, and it is especially commendable to be a prisoner of war survivor, but that is all they are talking about! THAT IS ALL THEY TALK ABOUT. "Yay McCain! He will be a fine commander in chief! That's the kind of guy I want in the White House! He has been to war! Not many congressmen can say that!"

Newsflash - being the Commander In Chief is only one of the roles the President has to play.

FUCK THE GOP! Why do people constantly associate inexperience with incompetence? I don't get it. Let's do the math - JFK (one of America's greatest Presidents) had 13 years of experience under his belt when he got elected, and Obama, if elected, will have 12 ( he served in the Illinois state senate for 8 years before joining the US senate in 2004).

Personally, I think Obama's "lack of experience" is a good thing. He is not tainted and he is not corrupt. He hasn't let the true colors of politics shine through his pure visions and ruin his political future.

He's fresh.

Obama is to a fresh picked apple as McCain is to a wilting, brownish green, rotting flower. Once was pretty and looked promising, but has turned ugly and unpopular after all the negative impact of its environment. McCain is washed out. McCain is old school. McCain is such a war monger that I'm sure nothing else will be paid attention to.

If McCain is elected, its gonna be the past 8 years all over again. De javu? I'll pass...

They keep talking about how Obama has changed his mind on certain issues. Giuliani just had the nerve to say "Senator Obama, if you can't make up your mind on something, call John McCain." Pathetic.

Guess what-people have the right to change their mind. First off, they exaggerated how much he actually changed his mind on certain issues, and secondly, even when he did change his mind, that means he acknowledges that he was wrong. By changing your views on certain things, that means you have been better informed about the other side, you agree with this new found info, and now you want to support it. That means you are a good politician because you listen to all points of view and make a well thought out decision! By having one stance on an issue no matter what, just so you won't seem flip-floppy, there is no room for growth.

The only way I can describe the RNC is a good ole' boy hoe down. Seriously. The entire audience and the keynote speakers are just cracking jokes on the Democrats, splappin' their knees, and chanting bullshit. It's sad. It's unacceptable. It's laughable. I can't even take this thing seriously.

I feel like the DNC was much more positive and discussed plans for the future. They didn't bash the opponents and make jokes that undercut the reputation of the contenders. They took the HIGHER ROAD and discussed their promises and how they were going to follow through.

Bashing. Undermining. Lying. I think that's a pretty clear summary of the 2008 RNC.

Giuliani just called Sarah Palin, Senator Palin. Idiot.

Sarah Palin just suggested suspending habeas corpus for all suspected terrorists and had the nerve to bash Obama wanting to enforce THE BILL OF RIGHTS.

WHAAAAATTT!?! What is going on with the world?

Why are the rich white male elite STILL running the country? Don't get it twisted, Mrs. Palin, the ONLY reason your unknown ass was even chosen is BECAUSE OF YOUR VAGINA. The McCain campaign has admitted to choosing her in hopes of gaining all the feminists that were disappointed when Hilary did not get the nomination. THAT IS THE ONLY REASON. The Republican party is the perfect visual description of can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Palin's speech just ended and truthfully, props to Governor Palin. Though she had some unnecessary comments, I was expecting a lot more bashing on her part towards Obama, but she decided not to. Good. If she did, I would've had a field day since he just fucking stood up for your daughter's teenage whoever is on her camp and advised her to steer clear of the rude remarks, kudos to them. Giuliani on the other hand, ODed on the insults.

I found a really cool and informative video on Swing States. Its kinda long, but good.

RSN - In entertainment news, I watched the premiere episode of the 11th season of America's Next Top Model.

I feel like as this show has gone on, Tyra has felt a need for a theme of the season to spice things up. This season they decided on a futuristic theme and it is unfortunately corny. From bad special effects, to bad hair-don'ts, its just tragic. Tyra's nickname was T-bot and Ms. Jay is Alpha J. The bad puns and the even worst robot impersonations makes me worry about how the rest of the season is going to pan out.

The contestants are not as bad as the theme. My favorite is Sheena -- a half Japanese,half Korean girl from Harlem. She's pretty, she's tall and she's straight out of dipset. Hilarious.

There's another girl from France who has an innocent quirk to her that makes her unique. There's a girl Elina who is super chill and very comfortable with who she is -- she has an unidentified sexual orientation and an equally confusing racial background at first glance.

But the most dynamic character is THE TRANNY!! Yes, there is a tranny who is pre-op (translation: she still has a penis) and she is fabulous. She had one of the best pictures and she doesn't let everyone else's ignorance get in her way so yay for trannies :)