Thursday, March 26, 2009

So maybe this is why.

Came across this...

"Depressed women have more sex than those who are happier, regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not, a study of Australians has found.

A survey of Melbourne women presented at an international mental health conference has concluded that females who suffer from mild to moderate depression have a third more sexual activity than those who are not.

They also had more sexually liberated attitudes, a bigger variety of sexual experiences and, if single, were more likely to partake in casual sex, Dr Sabura Allen, a clinical psychologist at Monash University, said."

This is really good to know/keep in mind (for the nymphs out there). It also makes sense, but I never really thought of that. Hmm.

just when you think....

...its all good, it turns out that its not.

yea i know its been a while. i've been kinda focused and kinda preoccupied with my personal life to make time for blogging, but i could use the therapy. speaking of therapy -maybe the fact that i haven't hollered at emily in a while is the reason why i'm feeling so glum.

i kinda feel like venting, but at the same time, i don't know what to vent about. nothing is really wrong per say, it's just one of them days (thanks Monica). i just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

i woke up at 7:30, courtesy of my phone alarm, to only walk out into rain. there is a big gray cloud and that annoying, spit-like rain that is burdening Philadelphia right now. And, its supposed to continue all weekend. i never realized how affected i am by the weather, but the weather today proved to be a HUGE boner shrinker. like, fo real (farewell, Seattle).

soo i came back to my room to then turn around and go to work to then stare at an excel spreadsheet, to then go get ignored by my spanish teacher, to then go back to work. so here's the deal with spanish: i haven't really been absent that much, but two of my absences happened to fall on the day of a quiz and the day of a test. i missed a test on monday. he reprimanded me yesterday and told me that he would have to speak to his supervisor about whether or not i could take a make-up.

patiently awaiting for the verdict is kinda killing me. i cant afford to fuck up my gpa and i feel like my freshman year, careless attitude is haunting me again. no thanks.

anyways, i have a ton of papers to do all of the sudden. and one of the papers is 20 pages and worth 80% of my grade. that's daunting.


im done venting. its not really helping, its just making me recall all the stuff i have to do.

that's the thing, i can do the work, i can time manage and i can excel, but i have NO motivation. like, none at all. maybe a smidge, but that's it. where did my motivation go?? it was here, but now i can't seem to find it. not a good look.

im just feeling down.

Mood : Morbid :-/

boo. lame. no me gusta. tomorrow is friday and 2 of my hs friends are coming to visit, so hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.

as for now...i'm gonna try to get some work done.

i would much rather take a nap.

...i just might.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Michelle! I found it!

So a while back in 2005 when I was working at Camp Nejeda (diabetes camp) my good friend Michelle and I had two ongoing alter egos: Tom Jones and Richard Simmons.

Now Michelle, being the creative and funny lady that she is,decided to make a picture of my secret love affair with Mr. Simmons.


Now of course I thought this was pure hilarity. I didn't even need to know the context of this picture or anything because it in of itself is magic.

But lo and behold, last night I finally fucking found out where this picture came from!



Comedic genius? Definitely. Please Watch:

Side Note: This show is aired on ABC Family.

So funny. So inapprops. So suggestive. So queer...

I love it :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wilford is My Homeboy

This video needs no introduction. Wilford says it all.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ghost. My apologies.

December 4th? Really?! Damn.

So much has happened since then: christmas. saw the west coast fam. new years. last day at oliver. getting ready for school. getting back to school. reconnecting with old friends. apartment hunting with steph. enjoying pizza w/ the crew one last time. random 8:30pm trip to nyc cause i got homesick (already). got enthralled with The L Word all over again. enrolled in new classes. got a new roommate. pimmed out the new room. fell more in love with my mom everyday. gained a new appreciation for therapy. lost my wallet. re-pierced my industrial. gave steph a new tattoo idea. contemplating cutting my hair off. changed my major. fell in love with vanilla chai (again.) laughed. fought. cried? witnessed history in the making. GOT EMPLOYED. discovered new music. wrote a paper. randomly decided to go to miami for spring break. got organized.

so there's a quick rundown. so much is going on right now, but a more detailed update/thought/idea/opinion is (hopefully) in the near future. as for now, i got bored and i wanted to take one of those quiz things. the rule is only a one word answer (since i like to keep it short) so here goes...

1. Where is your cell phone? table

2. Your significant other? babycakes

3. Your hair? unraveling

5. Your mother? hero

6. Your favorite thing? love

7. Your dream last night? forgot

8. Your favorite drink? tea

9. Your dream/goal? change

10. The room you're in? 704

11. Your ex? gross

12. Your fear? failure

13. What do you want to be in 6 years? settled

14. where were you last night? campus

15. What you're not? unfriendly

16. Muffins? blueberry

17. One of your wish list items? microwave

18. Where you grew up? miami

19. The last thing you did? interview

20. What are you wearing? clothes

21. Your TV? n/a

22. Your pet? gone :(

23. Your computer? sally <3

24. Your life? demasiado

25. Your mood? optimistic

26. Missing someone? always

27. Your car? metrocard

28. Something you're not wearing? shoes

29.Favorite Store? vintage

30. Your summer? georgetown

31. Like someone? indeed

32. Your favorite color? pastels

33. When is the last time you laughed? morning

34. Last time you cried? dunno

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thank you, France.

Daft Punk: [dahft pungk] (n.) - French geniuses that make the sickest beats/ dopest lyrics/ best music ever.

So you know how when you like something, you do it all the time? For example - when I was first introduced to salmon I couldn't get enough of it, so I managed to incorporate it into every single meal. I did the same when I discovered Cheez-Its. And barbies. And Will Ferrell.

Well, my friends,I have found my new obsession. I have always been a fan of Daft Punk but I never heard this mix before. It has made me want to see them in concert THAT MUCH MORE.

It gives me chills. Enjoy:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yes Please

I want these shoes SO bad.

Ms Key's has been on her grown and sexy lately. I miss the braids...not gonna lie.