Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rednecks For Obama

Best. Thing. Ever.



I'm loving that almost everyone is following politics these days. This election has really become apart of pop culture. Between the Obama shirts, the SNL skits and the increasingly growing number of registered voters, everyone is talking about politics.

People who didn't watch the debate are now the minority. That's awesome. Yay for us for becoming more involved in the future of our country.

Here is a CNN segment on Palin's popularity in the media. Kinda funny :)


  • "And today, the baby is being adopted by Angelina Jolie."
  • "And we're learning more and more about Governor Palin, her daughters' name is Juno." LMAO
  • "I don't think that a young lady getting pregnant should be news unless John Edwards is the father."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Letterman, but I have to go save the economy now."

So John McCain was supposed to be the special guest of the Letterman Show the other night but abruptly canceled, because he wanted to focus more on saving America's economy.

He pulls out the economy card yet again! Wow John, you're so predictable these days.

BTW - Letterman is a major admirer of Senator McCain, and after this stunt....not so much. Let's be honest, McCain doesn't have a grand amount of supporters to begin with, so why would he pull something like this to further diminish his numbers? Damn shame.

Here's the article discussing his bitchassness.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Throwback. Waaayback.

I came across one of my favorite Janet Jackson songs "Alright," which was released on the Rhythm Nation album in 1989.

Pretty much any old school Janet is amazing. She was a serious triple threat; singing, dancing and acting (Poetic Justice, anyone?). This song is such a feel good joint and it makes me happy.

Late 80s/early 90s music is probably the best feel good music era in American history. Janet, Michael, Tony! Toni! Tone!, Blues Travelers, Sugar Ray...even The Spice Girls.

Sometimes I think I was born 2 decades too late.

The video is as good as the beat. These were the golden days, where ass and titties were the least of peoples concerns, and video directors found better ways to entertain.

Janet has on an entire suit throughout this video with her main prop being a hat, and yet this is one of the best videos of all time. Between the different types of dance, people, places and the 1930s spin-off theme, this video is awesome. I didn't realize how much I liked it until I just watched it:

Cab Calloway? Heavy D? Damn.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So what? I'm still a Rockstar.

Baby Obama with Mama Obama

Brush them off, Senator Obama. Kill them with kindness. Do not let this hate, discrimination, weakness, or violence get in the way of your game plan.

You have way too many people that have your back, then people who don't, and best believe that we will defeat those who threaten you, your well being, or your family.

You're our rockstar, our hope, our hero.

This election is not a game folks.

Unfortunately, racism is still alive and well, even in the 21st century. Confederate flags are still waving and acts of hate that mirror the Jena 6 are still occurring. Please read:

Students and school leaders at a small Christian university expressed outrage Wednesday at the discovery of a life-size cardboard effigy of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama hanging from a tree on campus.

A custodian at George Fox University discovered the effigy early Tuesday and immediately removed it, President Robin Baker said. University spokesman Rob Felton said Wednesday that the commercially produced reproduction had been suspended from the branch of a tree near Minthorn Hall with fishing line around the neck.

The hanging of the effigy around the neck is seen as racist symbolism because it harkens back to lynchings of black men by white mobs, especially in the U.S. South, decades ago. Obama is aiming to become America's first black president.

Please click here for the full article.

How dare they. How fucking dare they. Are you trying to scare us? Are you trying to say something? Racists are not only pathetic, but they're cowards, they're back stabbers and they think they're slick. They try to get their message through subtexts instead of outright saying it. Why is that? Why do racists rarely utilize the media and just spew out the words that go with their disgraceful thoughts? Because they know they're despicable!


That's all it is.

At first when I read this, I was really disturbed and kinda scared, not gonna lie. But then I thought, that's exactly what they want! They want to scare us away from the polls, away from the rallies, away from the candidate that WILL change the world. Fuck that, I ain't neva scared :) Reading this article just wanted me to declare my love for Barack from the roof of my apartment building.

Obama is a force to be reckoned with. How do I know this? Because this is not the only trick
they have up their sleeve. They are trying to pull out all the stops because they see that their future is not so bright, not in the legislative branch, and definitely not in the executive.

Note to Obama supporters: Apparently it is a law that you cannot campaign within a certain amount of feet of the voting polls. Wearing Obama shirts, pins, hats, key chains, pants, etc. is considered campaigning. Please do not wear any of this on Nov 4th to the polls! They are trying to make sure that we are in the dark about this law and use it as a loophole against us!

Fuck that, I say. We'll just wear whatever we want on Nov 5th in celebration. Hah.

Also, what is the deal with Mc
Cain trying to "postpone" the debates? He claims that he needs time trying to solve the American economy crisis, which is bullshit. Let's be serious, his camp obviously advised him to use the economy as an excuse so he can buy more time and prepare before he gets DOMINATED in the debates (since we all know he will).

Though this move was a total cop-out, it was kinda smart. If he really pushes this "need" to help the economy, Obama might be seen as a jerk for not wanting to do the same. But on the other hand, how much solving could a presidential candidate do within a week, max? Not much. I mean, at the end of the day, all McCain is is a Senator of Arizona, I doubt he can inspire a lot of change in the economy. Our economy doesn't just need change, it needs a face-lift....matter of fact, it needs an entire makeover, and all of that cannot be accomplished by postponing the debates by a week or two.

So I challenge you to dissect all of this propaganda with a fine-tooth comb over this next month before the election. People are trying to throw us curve balls, use fancy lingo, or disguise malicious intentions with a smile. Don't fall for it.

That's all, for now.

BTW - I thought this Lupe song was extremely relevant. If you don't know it, take a minute to listen to the lyrics.

When Hollywood Attacks.

So while on my favorite website,, I found these lovely pictures of Aubrey O'Day--member of Danity Kane.

Now I used to love Aubrey...emphasis on used to. I thought she was pretty, fun, and extraordinarily the girl could sing, without a doubt.

Here's a clip of her audition for Making The Band 3, waaaaay back in the day. At this point, I loved her. I thought she was the underdog whose determination and drive was so admirable. Therefore, she deserved success.

Little did I know that as time went on, she would get worse and worse. Hollywood really got to her, I mean Aubrey looks like a completely different person. Not only that, but her ego is massive. I feel sad for her, she's never gonna get that pure, cute, innocent Aubrey look back, not after all the surgery she's been through. Observe:

I mean, come on. The hair, the hair color, the boobs, the nose, the lips, the cheek bones. Its just sad. And here lies the problem- Hollywood. When some people finally make their way into the limelight, they run with it and end up looking like this:

Kudos to Aundrea, Shannon, Dawn, and D Woods for not letting the hype get to them. Now I totally understand when Diddy gets on Aubrey for just being too much. That's what she is. She's just too much. If she toned down everything maybe 5 notches, she would be so much more like-able and relate-able. Her natural sex appeal was evident when she first started Making The Band, hence why she got magazine shoots like this:

But I guess the need for her to amp up this appeal spiraled out of control, resulting in shit like this:

Two Words: HOT MESS

Get it together, Aubrey. We miss the natural you...

BTW - Brandy is making a comeback? And Biggie's movie is coming out? Throwback, fo real fo real.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Damn son

This is an actual legit wedding. This is the bride and the groom and below is their court.

Really now? Are you serious? Come one now, black people. Let's get it together. SMH.

I'm embarrassed for them.

And I believe its just God hugging us closer.

Probably THE BEST SNL skit yet.

Oh Sarah Palin, you provide us with some much needed humor these days. Thanks for that.

Please watch!

Flyer than Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice...

I feel like it's been a while...

Tickets to the Tyra Show - Free
$230 Calvin Klein Dress - Free

Designer Flip Flops - Free
Winning a Tyra T-shirt - Free
1 small Tasti D-Lite Ice Cream - Free
Going to the fashion episode of The Tyra Show, meeting Mr. Jay, Whitney, Saleisha, and Jaslene, and being picked to sit on the stage during the fashion show - Priceless

As mildly skeptical as I was to go to The Tya Show this past Tuesday, it ended being 1000 x's better, than I thought it was going to be.

Over Spring Break, a group of friends and I went to Tila Tequila's MTV Spring Break show in Miami. It was super fake. So fake that we got sick of it, left early, but when we watched it, we saw ourselves in the audience during segments that we weren't even there for! Before the show started even taping, we had to do a fake applause, act as if someone said a "funny joke," act as if someone said a "bad joke," put #2 in the sky, boo, and a whole bunch of other bullshit that they caught on film. It was exhausting and questionable, and the abrupt ending was a reaffirmation of how bad it was.

That was my first experience as an audience member of a taped show before - resulting in my weary attitude before The Tyra Show.

Buuuuut, lo and behold, it was AWESOME!

After chillin in the waiting room, signing release forms and anticipating Tyra's arrival, we finally headed up to the actual studio. Upon seeing that all the front row seats were taken, Jaz and I got a little disappointed, but we were seated in the front row of the second section. Yay. They played really good music while we were waiting and the Production Assistant/Master of Ceremonies was this spicy, flamboyant, hispanic man who kept us laughing and entertained until Tyra came on.

Then she finally appeared. In a skimpy Dorothy outfit and it all unfolded from there.

All in all, the entire audience got a ton of free stuff (the Calvin Klein dress fits perfectly), I won the purple T-shirt, me and Jaz got to sit with the on stage audience during the mini fashion show, and it was great.

My bloodsugar got really low towards the end, while we were sitting on stage, so I didn't enjoy it that much towards the end.

Note to self: Eat sugar before going to a hectic taping of a talk show.

In other news
- I died my hair red. Like super red. Really fucking red. Hopefully the dye will dull out...hopefully. It's growing on me, but it's red.

I went on a job interview yesterday. It went well but I was late :( In my defense, I was on time, I was just at the old location. The address on their website isn't their actual location so after some frantic phone calls and subway rides, I finally got there. Pray that it all works out ...

Stay tuned

PS - When I searched YouTube for a video clip of the Tyra episode , I found this picture and I thought it was too fierce!

Naima Mora, ANTM Winner Cycle 4

Monday, September 15, 2008


The "center of the universe" is not looking so promising these days:

First off, Wall Street got royally sodomized today. Royally. Lehman Brothers completely shut down. It collapsed completely. Lehman brothers is a leading financial institution that has existed for over 150 years. This institution survived the depression and BOTH World Wars, but yet it completely dissolved today. That's HUGE, my friends! HUGE! Not only that, but Merrill Lynch, another major leader on Wall Street, had to surrender itself to Bank of America. Wall Street was crazy today.

Good to know I'm not the only one who's broke...

After all, misery loves company :)

Secondly, I got really sad info from a long lost junior high school friend today. The article read:

Authorities say 50-year-old Elmer Hammond Jr., a paraprofessional assigned to IS 59, is accused of letting a 15-year-old male student reside with him for several months and paid the teen to have anal and oral sex with him on a number of occasions.

He is charged with third-degree criminal sexual act and endangering the welfare of a child.

Mr. Elmer Hammond Jr. was my choir teacher and my 8th grade homeroom teacher. WTF!? Seriously, wtf. He was by far one of my favorite teachers during junior high school and I looked up to him so much. I would have NEVER EVER guessed this. EVER. My mom fucking went to high school with him. This is not a random teacher who just happened to teach at 59, this was my teacher.

I'm disgusted and sad. I'm sad because all of my previous notions about him are completely tangled. I'm disgusted because he is a pedophile. He is a legit pedophile who paid money to indulge his sick craving. That's miserable.

I will pray for him.

When life hands me lemons, I make beef stew.

I hate the dentist. The left side of my face is completely tongue tingles, I can't feel my gums, and even my ear lobe is dead, all for a fucking cavity.

I can't eat or drink. This sucks. I'm fairly immobile right now until I can feel my face again, so I decided to watch the one video that always makes me happy.

Two Words: Andy Milanokis. What ever happened to that show? One of the greatest pieces of American television. We miss you, Andy.

Another hero of mine? Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris can speak braille.
The boogeyman hides under his bed from Chuck Norris.
Chuck Norris upper-cut a horse and created giraffes.
Chuck Norris's tears cure cancer. Too bad he never cries.
Chuck Norris puts the "laughter" in "manslaughter."
Chuck Norris visited The Virgin islands. They are now called The Islands.
Chuck Norris can delete the Recycling Bin.

PS - my friend met him. She is now the coolest person I know.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Barack Got Moves

I love him. Only a truly confident man who knows how to be care free sometimes and loosen up a little can pull this off on the Ellen Show, as a presidential candidate, and be praised for it.

He's not awkward, not corny, not old school. He's FRESH.

This video reveals so much more about Barack, as a person, than just his ability to dance. Watch, learn and love.

Yes we can.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Us White Folk?

So The View recently had John McCain as a guest on their show. On the show, they discussed Roe v. Wade and McCain specifically stated that he thinks it should be overturned. He not only said that, but he went on to say that a lot of decisions made by the Federal Supreme Court were poor judgments and that they should be overturned. Then he said that he "want[s] people who interpret the constitution of the United States the way our founding fathers envision to do."

Upon hearing this, Whoopi got a little concerned and asked him if he is suggesting having judges on the Federal Supreme Court that are "strict constitutionalists" and who are going to enforce the constitution in the way that it was originally written, would that mean overturning the 13th amendment that abolished slavery?

Touché Ms. Goldberg! Good fucking point. I not only commend her on calling him out on his BS interpretations of the founding principles of our country, but also, she was very diplomatic about it while managing to get her point across.

Another interesting thing about this segment relates to Ms. Barbara Walters. After Whoopi brought up the slavery thing, Barbara Walters turns to Whoopi and Sherri (the other black host) and says "us white folk will take care of you." Hmmm. Now I'm usually not a fan of pulling out the race card, but for some reason, that comment did raise a red flag. I think she said it in good humor and attempted to be funny, but that attempt was a miserable failure.

Note to Ms. Walters:
your role on The View is as an executive producer/ mediator. Leave the witty comments to Joy. Thanx.

Peep the clip:

RSN - Victoria Beckham stepped out onto the scene with a chic new "pixie" haircut. I like it. She's innovative, so she automatically gets points in my book. AND she's a Spice Girl, which makes her infinitely cool. Duh.

Buuuut, that whole eating disorder thing in order to keep up appearances/keep David interested has to stop. I've included a picture of her during her healthier days, back when the Spice Girls were poppin.

I'm feelin the new look a lot though. Its cute and unique and you can tell that she's not trying super hard to be different ( ::cough:: Rihanna ::cough:: ).

I miss the old Posh.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Stewie + 2 Girls 1 Cup


Matt Damon Speaks THE TRUTH!

I've always loved Matt Damon and I think he just gained about 450 cool points after this statement.

Damon '08!

God is Good

Things are starting to look up! I'm 90% sure I got the Pinkberry gig AND I heard back from this internship I applied for. Happy Happy, Joy Joy.

Tyra Show this Tuesday...I'm def writing a blog on that.

In Politics news, Obama and McCain rocked Columbia University last night and the cops were runnin NYC. They were everywhere and made driving down Broadway unnecessarily difficult. While watching E! News, they showed a clip of a Sarah Palin parody video and it looked hialrious. My mission to find the video on YouTube was successful and viola!

PS - Yay for the weekend!


  • "I think global warming is PS, Polar bear Shit."
  • "Sarah Palin. If she shoots you in the face, it's because she was aiming for it."
  • "That's exactly the kind of decision making we need in the White House."

PPS - So I change my background music a lot. While talking to a friend last night, I realized that the only thing that makes m truly happy is music. I love music and I love different kinds of music.

Theres so much music in the world, that it actually upsets me that I haven't even heard 3% of it.

I want to be exposed to all types of rhythms and beats and lyrics, and I want to expose those around me as well. I think that being a DJ might possibly be my calling, but I'm going to try to graduate first.

With that said, enjoy the new song. :) This group (Skindred) is this heavy-metal/reggae band. They're one of my favorite rock bands, hands down. They're an English band, but they have a completely unique sound and this specific song, Pressure, is definitely my favorite song by them. For more info, visit

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Fuck my life.

I'm feeling emo today. Last night was madness/climatic and this morning was lonely and quiet. The weather also added a dramatic touch.

The job hunt continues and it's not easy.

Pinkberry? Yes. I shall be serving you yogurt. Get ready world.

Well...not yet. Still gotta turn in the application. But that would be crazy if I worked there.

It's weird that I feel so numb and sad on 9/11. When I got home this morning, I turned on the TV and almost every station was airing the remembrance ceremony that was held downtown today. 9/11 was like some shit out of the movies. It was so upsetting and so unreal it was hard to even grasp.

Yea. In remembrance of 9/11...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Palin's Baby Daddy is BLACK!?

So apparently Brsitol Palin caught a case of jungle fever.

If this is true, I'd freak the fuck out. The Republicans are all over the place. I don't know if this guy is just trying to gain some fame or if its true, either solution is possible, but if he's for real, I can't wait to see how the media eats this shit up.

LMAO. Is it wrong for me to say that this made my day? Because it did...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Weavin Like a Hair-do

I completely forgot about this video and I'm so happy I found it on YouTube. She is probably on my top 3 favorite contestants from ANTM. Enjoy

Beyond description

I'm a little late, because this song came out a while ago. But this video is sick. Literally sick but also its tight as hell.

Talk about thinking outside of the box.

Shout out to Sala

Sunday, September 7, 2008


"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment"

I just had one of the most lovely convos with the abuela today. We talked about politics, jobs, the internet, penn, immigration...everything. It was awesome.

As annoying as she can be sometimes, today I was reminded why I love her as much as I do. I love her so much it hurts, she's just amazing. She is so open-minded, so willing to learn and explore, so happy, friendly, loving, funny and just so admirable. She didn't go to college and yet she is one of the most brilliant people I know. I love my grandma and I loved our convo.

Today has been fairly quiet. My mom, out of the goodness of her heart, agreed to drive a high school buddy of mine to college, so I've been home alone. Took a walk around the neighborhood, made some breakfast, and had riveting phone convos with people. First a friend from Penn, my ring sister, and my grandma. It was great.

After these many great chats, I've realized that life is really looking up right now. I really needed the re-affirmation that everything is going to be ok, and today I got just that.

I found the answer to my issues. Discipline. If I incorporate discipline into my life, everything will get tremendously better. Diabetes, work, school, health, relationships, life in general.

The 3 cm leash that I was on all throughout my high school career led to my none existent organization skills. I think I subconsciously felt a need to rebel against society, which ended up just fucking me over in the end. My sporadic behavior was juvenile and unnecessary and did nothing for me except for throw me off balance and leave me in sketchy situations.


I'm attempting to turn over a NEW LEAF today and try my damndest to stick to a schedule. Waking up earlier, actually cooking a well-rounded breakfast, networking more, working more...DISCIPLINE.

I found the answer and I can't wait to get started.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yo Xiguang. You wanna hit this?

"An Asian elephant that became addicted to heroin after being fed bananas spiked with the drug is to return home after undergoing a detox program.

The four-year-old animal, called Xiguang, received methadone injections for a year at five times the human dosage, state media said.

It was illegally captured by traders in 2005 in south-west China.

When police arrested the traders and freed the elephant, it was found to be suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

The elephant's eyes kept streaming and he made continuous trumpeting noises, the Beijing News newspaper's website reported.

It is thought that the traders fed the elephant bananas laced with heroin to capture and control it.

Xiguang was sent to a wild animal protection centre on Hainan island in south-west China for rehab, the official Xinhua new agency said

He is expected to arrive at a wildlife park in Kunming, capital of Yunnan province, on Saturday.

The Asian elephant is an endangered species, with only 25,600-32,750 left in the wild, according to the WWF conservation group."

Wow. I wish this was a joke.

Die, dinero.

I really do. Money is one of the main reasons for my unfortunate stress right now. I just came back from the dentist only to find out that my insurance covers nothing and I'm going to be spending over $4,000 on all the dental work that I want.

I thought it was a good idea to go for the natural hair look, so I got dreads. BAD MOVE. I'm getting my hair re-twisted soon and that is apparently going to be $390. Then, my drivers classes are $215. Then I want some more tattoos and piercings which are $75+ each. Then, my insurance requires a co-pay so all my doctors appts are $40 a pop. Plus, outstanding school bills for both college and boarding school, and books.

THEN I want to take this time off to go play with my friends at their colleges so I've decided to visit DC, Syracuse, and Chicago...and maybe California..which is going to be another shit-ton of money. Doubt its gonna happen...

I hate money. It's a burden not having any and it's tempting when you have too much. Whenever I have a certain amount of dollars in my bank account I just want to spend spend spend. I don't even have enough money in my account to buy an unlimited metrocard.

I have a few things that are not priorities that I would like to spend money on, but the fact is, I can't even afford doctors appts.

Times are hard.

I'm truly living the life of a bum right now and it sucks. And the worst part is that I've been trying. I really have.

I've been financially independent for so long now that its hard having to resort back to a fucking weekly allowance. And it really hurts my pride.
I hate money.

Another thing- Why doesn't anyone accept pennies? I have sooo many pennies and I can't use them anywhere. yea, I can go to the bank and turn them in for some cash or something, but I never have time to collect them all and just do it. I might have to now since my pennies might be the only thing that saves me.


The thought of money is so daunting. I will never understand people who spend 5 grand on a purse.

Step 1 - Job

PS - I feel like all my posts get labeled under "Hot Mess." That's not good. Time for change.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Drill Baby, Drill.

Drill Baby, Drill. That was the chant of the audience at this years' Republican National Convention.

Wow. The Republican National Convention is so inexcusably ignorant its scary. I am ashamed and disgusted that Rudy Giuliani was once my mayor.

All this convention is doing is bashing Barack Obama. Giuliani said "he is the most unexperienced presidential candidate in the past 100 years." Wow. Really? Really now? In the past 100 years!?!


Don't get me wrong, it is very admirable to be apart of the military, and it is especially commendable to be a prisoner of war survivor, but that is all they are talking about! THAT IS ALL THEY TALK ABOUT. "Yay McCain! He will be a fine commander in chief! That's the kind of guy I want in the White House! He has been to war! Not many congressmen can say that!"

Newsflash - being the Commander In Chief is only one of the roles the President has to play.

FUCK THE GOP! Why do people constantly associate inexperience with incompetence? I don't get it. Let's do the math - JFK (one of America's greatest Presidents) had 13 years of experience under his belt when he got elected, and Obama, if elected, will have 12 ( he served in the Illinois state senate for 8 years before joining the US senate in 2004).

Personally, I think Obama's "lack of experience" is a good thing. He is not tainted and he is not corrupt. He hasn't let the true colors of politics shine through his pure visions and ruin his political future.

He's fresh.

Obama is to a fresh picked apple as McCain is to a wilting, brownish green, rotting flower. Once was pretty and looked promising, but has turned ugly and unpopular after all the negative impact of its environment. McCain is washed out. McCain is old school. McCain is such a war monger that I'm sure nothing else will be paid attention to.

If McCain is elected, its gonna be the past 8 years all over again. De javu? I'll pass...

They keep talking about how Obama has changed his mind on certain issues. Giuliani just had the nerve to say "Senator Obama, if you can't make up your mind on something, call John McCain." Pathetic.

Guess what-people have the right to change their mind. First off, they exaggerated how much he actually changed his mind on certain issues, and secondly, even when he did change his mind, that means he acknowledges that he was wrong. By changing your views on certain things, that means you have been better informed about the other side, you agree with this new found info, and now you want to support it. That means you are a good politician because you listen to all points of view and make a well thought out decision! By having one stance on an issue no matter what, just so you won't seem flip-floppy, there is no room for growth.

The only way I can describe the RNC is a good ole' boy hoe down. Seriously. The entire audience and the keynote speakers are just cracking jokes on the Democrats, splappin' their knees, and chanting bullshit. It's sad. It's unacceptable. It's laughable. I can't even take this thing seriously.

I feel like the DNC was much more positive and discussed plans for the future. They didn't bash the opponents and make jokes that undercut the reputation of the contenders. They took the HIGHER ROAD and discussed their promises and how they were going to follow through.

Bashing. Undermining. Lying. I think that's a pretty clear summary of the 2008 RNC.

Giuliani just called Sarah Palin, Senator Palin. Idiot.

Sarah Palin just suggested suspending habeas corpus for all suspected terrorists and had the nerve to bash Obama wanting to enforce THE BILL OF RIGHTS.

WHAAAAATTT!?! What is going on with the world?

Why are the rich white male elite STILL running the country? Don't get it twisted, Mrs. Palin, the ONLY reason your unknown ass was even chosen is BECAUSE OF YOUR VAGINA. The McCain campaign has admitted to choosing her in hopes of gaining all the feminists that were disappointed when Hilary did not get the nomination. THAT IS THE ONLY REASON. The Republican party is the perfect visual description of can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Palin's speech just ended and truthfully, props to Governor Palin. Though she had some unnecessary comments, I was expecting a lot more bashing on her part towards Obama, but she decided not to. Good. If she did, I would've had a field day since he just fucking stood up for your daughter's teenage whoever is on her camp and advised her to steer clear of the rude remarks, kudos to them. Giuliani on the other hand, ODed on the insults.

I found a really cool and informative video on Swing States. Its kinda long, but good.

RSN - In entertainment news, I watched the premiere episode of the 11th season of America's Next Top Model.

I feel like as this show has gone on, Tyra has felt a need for a theme of the season to spice things up. This season they decided on a futuristic theme and it is unfortunately corny. From bad special effects, to bad hair-don'ts, its just tragic. Tyra's nickname was T-bot and Ms. Jay is Alpha J. The bad puns and the even worst robot impersonations makes me worry about how the rest of the season is going to pan out.

The contestants are not as bad as the theme. My favorite is Sheena -- a half Japanese,half Korean girl from Harlem. She's pretty, she's tall and she's straight out of dipset. Hilarious.

There's another girl from France who has an innocent quirk to her that makes her unique. There's a girl Elina who is super chill and very comfortable with who she is -- she has an unidentified sexual orientation and an equally confusing racial background at first glance.

But the most dynamic character is THE TRANNY!! Yes, there is a tranny who is pre-op (translation: she still has a penis) and she is fabulous. She had one of the best pictures and she doesn't let everyone else's ignorance get in her way so yay for trannies :)

She proves me right YET AGAIN

Here are some lovely pictures of the now pregnant daughter of super Christian Governor Sarah Palin, the VP for presidential candidate John McCain, via

Note to future politicians: When you go into the public eye, all of your skeletons become PUBLIC! This womans' dysfunctional family is just simply tragic. Her reputation has slim chances of survival. I think the dude with the gun is probably her "shootin shit" baby daddy.

Good luck, Mrs. Palin. This is gonna be a tough journey

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mormons, Heroine and Tyra

How did Coolio get a show about fatherhood? First Ozzy, then Hulk, then Rev Run, now this one. I guess new ideas are too much to ask...

Anyways-Not much today. But nothing sometimes is needed.

Woke up late, visited Oliver and saw Candy :), found out SHEREE GOT MARRIED!, made up with the mommy, got a job interview, decided to ride the subway in the midst of rush hour, caught up on the reality tv realm (i.e. I want To Work For Diddy, JDMA, I Love Money, True Life, etc.)...

Speaking of reality TV, I have a mildly odd obsession with Intervention. Intervention is this ground breaking documentary on A&E that explores life with addictions. Not superficial addictions like shopping or starbucks, addictions with drugs. Last night I was watching an episode that discussed addictions with Crystal Meth/Heroine and OCD.

The girl who had an addiction to meth and heroine is actually Mormon. I have 2 Mormon friends and Mormonism is a religion that I've definitely been trying to learn more about, since I don't get it at all, but that's why I found it interesting that she is Mormon.

Mormon's are super Christian, like model students for Sunday school.

Anyways, Mormons have a strong emphasis on family. For example, I was on and BYU (a university that is run by Mormons and is in the Mormon capital, Utah) is ranked under: Alternative lifestyles not an alternative, don't inhale, future Rotarians and daughters of the American revolution, scotch and soda--hold the scotch, stone cold sober schools, most conservative, and most religious. The students also add: "Because of our religion, many students are very preoccupied with marriage and finding their special someone." Getting back to my point of their emphasis on family...

So because of this emphasis, there's a lot of pressure on the women. This Mormon woman that was featured on Intervention always wanted a husband and a family but she was diagnosed with a disease that basically ensured that she would never have children. Not only that, but when she received one of the holiest recognitions is the Mormon church, the priest informed her that she would have an extremely tumultuous future. That's why she became an addict. She felt like she had nothing to live for, so she might as well go out with some kind of pseudo relief.

Can't judge a book by its cover, huh?

Whenever I think of serious drug addicts (serious=not weed), I always have a negative connotation--like they are lazy, they have no ambitions, they are self loathers, and so on. But after seeing this episode, all my previous convictions have been altered, which is great. I really like this show. It can be extremely depressing and kind of nauseating (they show people shooting up and everything) so I do not recommend it for the weak stomachs, but its a really good insight into the life of addicts and if definitely makes me want to steer clear of the pipe.

On another note...

I got tickets to The Tyra Show...not a big fan of Tyra, at all, I actually think she's kinda obnoxious, but they were free and it should be an interesting experience. Don't know yet what the topic is going to be, but I hope Lupe ends up being a special guest. Doubt it. Highly unlikely, but fuck it, a girl can dream :)

I feel like some entertainment, so here's another hilarious video from our good friends at Enjoy


  • "You'll be so fast that mother nature will be like "Sloooooooww Doooooowwnnn" and you'll be like "FUCK YOU" and kick her in the face with your ENERGY LEGS
  • 400 babies

RSN - I love watermelon.

Monday, September 1, 2008

And the trend continues...

So BBC just published an article with updates on the Palin pregnancy scandal. She admitted that her teenage daughter is, in fact, pregnant.

Well let's see. Since she's against abortion due to her super-strict-bible-thumper beliefs, she confirmed that her daughter WILL have the baby and WILL get married. Now, I am not an expert on the literature of the bible, but I'm pretty sure that LYING is some sort of sin...

Revert back to my previous article on Governor Palin...she said that she was 7 months pregnant(lie #1) AND she told school officials that her daughter was taking a leave of absence for MONO, which in turn denied her daughters pregnancy! (lie #2 and #3) Now if I'm counting correctly, that's 3 WHOLE LIES. 3 MAJOR LIES.


Lord only knows what she'll lie about next. Truthfully, I'd rather that she'd lie on her own terms than while in a position that dictates the future of our country. Feel me?

Now though she is only his running mate, let's be honest. CHENEY has been running this government for the past 8 years and Bush has been his puppet. Yep, that's right folks. Cheney is a master puppeteer. Therefore, if we take the Republican history into account, this trend in highly likely to continue.

A liar running my country? AGAIN?! No thanks.

Please click here for the full article.

Later in the article, they discuss Barack Obama's reaction to the whole situation. He says "This shouldn't be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Governor Palin's performance as a governor, or her potential performance as a vice-president."

Now come on! He only said that to appear cordial and sensitive.

How could you say that family matters aren't apart of politics? If that was the case, then why do we care about Edwards' infidelity? Or McGreevey's? Or Clinton's (Bill...that is)? All of these were personal affairs that did not involve the way that they ran their country/state/town. Why did Bill have to go under oath and swear to no sexual relations with 'that woman' ? Because WE decided to get involved in his personal matters. His infidelity had no relation to his performance as a President, but the GOP held on to that shit like there was no tomorrow.

So why not call her out on her persistent lying? She was obviously trying to cover this shit up, hence the lie. And she lied in the first place because she didn't want to muddy her renowned reputation as a full fledged , right wing Christian who leaves no room for error.

Here lies the problem, my friends (no pun intended).

ALWAYS LEAVE ROOM FOR ERROR. People make mistakes and everyone knows that! Be flexible! Be curious! Be appreciative! Do not be such a hard ass because when YOU fuck up, it will get thrown in your face, ten-fold. Governor Palin is a perfect example of this.

Stay tuned...

UPDATES! UPDATES! Here is another eye-opening article via please read :)


  • Her husband got a DUI in 1986
  • Her daughter's baby daddy is a "fuckin redneck" who likes to "do some fishin and shoot some shit" (hmmm...must be some slim pickins in AK)
  • Palin's history with abusing her power as governor
  • Palin's previous membership with the Independent Party in Alaska, which has had votes on whether or not Alaska should secede from The US
  • No one in McCain's camp did any background research on her political history with the Alaskan government until AFTER she was picked (what good does that do?)
  • When asked if everything that came up as a red flag has already been made public, McCain responded "I think so. Yah, I think so. Correct.” LMAO

"Sly Fox"

I love protesters/ing. I hate Fox News. I love protesters who hate Fox News.

This one's for you, Nas.


  • "I'm not gonna talk to you"
  • "LEFTIST protesters gathering..."
  • "Do you have an actual message without cursing?" Lol
  • "Fuck Fox News!"

PS - Happy September :)