Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So what? I'm still a Rockstar.

Baby Obama with Mama Obama

Brush them off, Senator Obama. Kill them with kindness. Do not let this hate, discrimination, weakness, or violence get in the way of your game plan.

You have way too many people that have your back, then people who don't, and best believe that we will defeat those who threaten you, your well being, or your family.

You're our rockstar, our hope, our hero.

This election is not a game folks.

Unfortunately, racism is still alive and well, even in the 21st century. Confederate flags are still waving and acts of hate that mirror the Jena 6 are still occurring. Please read:

Students and school leaders at a small Christian university expressed outrage Wednesday at the discovery of a life-size cardboard effigy of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama hanging from a tree on campus.

A custodian at George Fox University discovered the effigy early Tuesday and immediately removed it, President Robin Baker said. University spokesman Rob Felton said Wednesday that the commercially produced reproduction had been suspended from the branch of a tree near Minthorn Hall with fishing line around the neck.

The hanging of the effigy around the neck is seen as racist symbolism because it harkens back to lynchings of black men by white mobs, especially in the U.S. South, decades ago. Obama is aiming to become America's first black president.

Please click here for the full article.

How dare they. How fucking dare they. Are you trying to scare us? Are you trying to say something? Racists are not only pathetic, but they're cowards, they're back stabbers and they think they're slick. They try to get their message through subtexts instead of outright saying it. Why is that? Why do racists rarely utilize the media and just spew out the words that go with their disgraceful thoughts? Because they know they're despicable!


That's all it is.

At first when I read this, I was really disturbed and kinda scared, not gonna lie. But then I thought, that's exactly what they want! They want to scare us away from the polls, away from the rallies, away from the candidate that WILL change the world. Fuck that, I ain't neva scared :) Reading this article just wanted me to declare my love for Barack from the roof of my apartment building.

Obama is a force to be reckoned with. How do I know this? Because this is not the only trick
they have up their sleeve. They are trying to pull out all the stops because they see that their future is not so bright, not in the legislative branch, and definitely not in the executive.

Note to Obama supporters: Apparently it is a law that you cannot campaign within a certain amount of feet of the voting polls. Wearing Obama shirts, pins, hats, key chains, pants, etc. is considered campaigning. Please do not wear any of this on Nov 4th to the polls! They are trying to make sure that we are in the dark about this law and use it as a loophole against us!

Fuck that, I say. We'll just wear whatever we want on Nov 5th in celebration. Hah.

Also, what is the deal with Mc
Cain trying to "postpone" the debates? He claims that he needs time trying to solve the American economy crisis, which is bullshit. Let's be serious, his camp obviously advised him to use the economy as an excuse so he can buy more time and prepare before he gets DOMINATED in the debates (since we all know he will).

Though this move was a total cop-out, it was kinda smart. If he really pushes this "need" to help the economy, Obama might be seen as a jerk for not wanting to do the same. But on the other hand, how much solving could a presidential candidate do within a week, max? Not much. I mean, at the end of the day, all McCain is is a Senator of Arizona, I doubt he can inspire a lot of change in the economy. Our economy doesn't just need change, it needs a face-lift....matter of fact, it needs an entire makeover, and all of that cannot be accomplished by postponing the debates by a week or two.

So I challenge you to dissect all of this propaganda with a fine-tooth comb over this next month before the election. People are trying to throw us curve balls, use fancy lingo, or disguise malicious intentions with a smile. Don't fall for it.

That's all, for now.

BTW - I thought this Lupe song was extremely relevant. If you don't know it, take a minute to listen to the lyrics.