Sunday, September 7, 2008


"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment"

I just had one of the most lovely convos with the abuela today. We talked about politics, jobs, the internet, penn, immigration...everything. It was awesome.

As annoying as she can be sometimes, today I was reminded why I love her as much as I do. I love her so much it hurts, she's just amazing. She is so open-minded, so willing to learn and explore, so happy, friendly, loving, funny and just so admirable. She didn't go to college and yet she is one of the most brilliant people I know. I love my grandma and I loved our convo.

Today has been fairly quiet. My mom, out of the goodness of her heart, agreed to drive a high school buddy of mine to college, so I've been home alone. Took a walk around the neighborhood, made some breakfast, and had riveting phone convos with people. First a friend from Penn, my ring sister, and my grandma. It was great.

After these many great chats, I've realized that life is really looking up right now. I really needed the re-affirmation that everything is going to be ok, and today I got just that.

I found the answer to my issues. Discipline. If I incorporate discipline into my life, everything will get tremendously better. Diabetes, work, school, health, relationships, life in general.

The 3 cm leash that I was on all throughout my high school career led to my none existent organization skills. I think I subconsciously felt a need to rebel against society, which ended up just fucking me over in the end. My sporadic behavior was juvenile and unnecessary and did nothing for me except for throw me off balance and leave me in sketchy situations.


I'm attempting to turn over a NEW LEAF today and try my damndest to stick to a schedule. Waking up earlier, actually cooking a well-rounded breakfast, networking more, working more...DISCIPLINE.

I found the answer and I can't wait to get started.