Friday, September 12, 2008

God is Good

Things are starting to look up! I'm 90% sure I got the Pinkberry gig AND I heard back from this internship I applied for. Happy Happy, Joy Joy.

Tyra Show this Tuesday...I'm def writing a blog on that.

In Politics news, Obama and McCain rocked Columbia University last night and the cops were runnin NYC. They were everywhere and made driving down Broadway unnecessarily difficult. While watching E! News, they showed a clip of a Sarah Palin parody video and it looked hialrious. My mission to find the video on YouTube was successful and viola!

PS - Yay for the weekend!


  • "I think global warming is PS, Polar bear Shit."
  • "Sarah Palin. If she shoots you in the face, it's because she was aiming for it."
  • "That's exactly the kind of decision making we need in the White House."

PPS - So I change my background music a lot. While talking to a friend last night, I realized that the only thing that makes m truly happy is music. I love music and I love different kinds of music.

Theres so much music in the world, that it actually upsets me that I haven't even heard 3% of it.

I want to be exposed to all types of rhythms and beats and lyrics, and I want to expose those around me as well. I think that being a DJ might possibly be my calling, but I'm going to try to graduate first.

With that said, enjoy the new song. :) This group (Skindred) is this heavy-metal/reggae band. They're one of my favorite rock bands, hands down. They're an English band, but they have a completely unique sound and this specific song, Pressure, is definitely my favorite song by them. For more info, visit