Thursday, September 4, 2008

Die, dinero.

I really do. Money is one of the main reasons for my unfortunate stress right now. I just came back from the dentist only to find out that my insurance covers nothing and I'm going to be spending over $4,000 on all the dental work that I want.

I thought it was a good idea to go for the natural hair look, so I got dreads. BAD MOVE. I'm getting my hair re-twisted soon and that is apparently going to be $390. Then, my drivers classes are $215. Then I want some more tattoos and piercings which are $75+ each. Then, my insurance requires a co-pay so all my doctors appts are $40 a pop. Plus, outstanding school bills for both college and boarding school, and books.

THEN I want to take this time off to go play with my friends at their colleges so I've decided to visit DC, Syracuse, and Chicago...and maybe California..which is going to be another shit-ton of money. Doubt its gonna happen...

I hate money. It's a burden not having any and it's tempting when you have too much. Whenever I have a certain amount of dollars in my bank account I just want to spend spend spend. I don't even have enough money in my account to buy an unlimited metrocard.

I have a few things that are not priorities that I would like to spend money on, but the fact is, I can't even afford doctors appts.

Times are hard.

I'm truly living the life of a bum right now and it sucks. And the worst part is that I've been trying. I really have.

I've been financially independent for so long now that its hard having to resort back to a fucking weekly allowance. And it really hurts my pride.
I hate money.

Another thing- Why doesn't anyone accept pennies? I have sooo many pennies and I can't use them anywhere. yea, I can go to the bank and turn them in for some cash or something, but I never have time to collect them all and just do it. I might have to now since my pennies might be the only thing that saves me.


The thought of money is so daunting. I will never understand people who spend 5 grand on a purse.

Step 1 - Job

PS - I feel like all my posts get labeled under "Hot Mess." That's not good. Time for change.