Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mormons, Heroine and Tyra

How did Coolio get a show about fatherhood? First Ozzy, then Hulk, then Rev Run, now this one. I guess new ideas are too much to ask...

Anyways-Not much today. But nothing sometimes is needed.

Woke up late, visited Oliver and saw Candy :), found out SHEREE GOT MARRIED!, made up with the mommy, got a job interview, decided to ride the subway in the midst of rush hour, caught up on the reality tv realm (i.e. I want To Work For Diddy, JDMA, I Love Money, True Life, etc.)...

Speaking of reality TV, I have a mildly odd obsession with Intervention. Intervention is this ground breaking documentary on A&E that explores life with addictions. Not superficial addictions like shopping or starbucks, addictions with drugs. Last night I was watching an episode that discussed addictions with Crystal Meth/Heroine and OCD.

The girl who had an addiction to meth and heroine is actually Mormon. I have 2 Mormon friends and Mormonism is a religion that I've definitely been trying to learn more about, since I don't get it at all, but that's why I found it interesting that she is Mormon.

Mormon's are super Christian, like model students for Sunday school.

Anyways, Mormons have a strong emphasis on family. For example, I was on princetonreview.com and BYU (a university that is run by Mormons and is in the Mormon capital, Utah) is ranked under: Alternative lifestyles not an alternative, don't inhale, future Rotarians and daughters of the American revolution, scotch and soda--hold the scotch, stone cold sober schools, most conservative, and most religious. The students also add: "Because of our religion, many students are very preoccupied with marriage and finding their special someone." Getting back to my point of their emphasis on family...

So because of this emphasis, there's a lot of pressure on the women. This Mormon woman that was featured on Intervention always wanted a husband and a family but she was diagnosed with a disease that basically ensured that she would never have children. Not only that, but when she received one of the holiest recognitions is the Mormon church, the priest informed her that she would have an extremely tumultuous future. That's why she became an addict. She felt like she had nothing to live for, so she might as well go out with some kind of pseudo relief.

Can't judge a book by its cover, huh?

Whenever I think of serious drug addicts (serious=not weed), I always have a negative connotation--like they are lazy, they have no ambitions, they are self loathers, and so on. But after seeing this episode, all my previous convictions have been altered, which is great. I really like this show. It can be extremely depressing and kind of nauseating (they show people shooting up and everything) so I do not recommend it for the weak stomachs, but its a really good insight into the life of addicts and if definitely makes me want to steer clear of the pipe.

On another note...

I got tickets to The Tyra Show...not a big fan of Tyra, at all, I actually think she's kinda obnoxious, but they were free and it should be an interesting experience. Don't know yet what the topic is going to be, but I hope Lupe ends up being a special guest. Doubt it. Highly unlikely, but fuck it, a girl can dream :)

I feel like some entertainment, so here's another hilarious video from our good friends at YouTube.com. Enjoy


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