Saturday, September 13, 2008

Us White Folk?

So The View recently had John McCain as a guest on their show. On the show, they discussed Roe v. Wade and McCain specifically stated that he thinks it should be overturned. He not only said that, but he went on to say that a lot of decisions made by the Federal Supreme Court were poor judgments and that they should be overturned. Then he said that he "want[s] people who interpret the constitution of the United States the way our founding fathers envision to do."

Upon hearing this, Whoopi got a little concerned and asked him if he is suggesting having judges on the Federal Supreme Court that are "strict constitutionalists" and who are going to enforce the constitution in the way that it was originally written, would that mean overturning the 13th amendment that abolished slavery?

Touché Ms. Goldberg! Good fucking point. I not only commend her on calling him out on his BS interpretations of the founding principles of our country, but also, she was very diplomatic about it while managing to get her point across.

Another interesting thing about this segment relates to Ms. Barbara Walters. After Whoopi brought up the slavery thing, Barbara Walters turns to Whoopi and Sherri (the other black host) and says "us white folk will take care of you." Hmmm. Now I'm usually not a fan of pulling out the race card, but for some reason, that comment did raise a red flag. I think she said it in good humor and attempted to be funny, but that attempt was a miserable failure.

Note to Ms. Walters:
your role on The View is as an executive producer/ mediator. Leave the witty comments to Joy. Thanx.

Peep the clip:

RSN - Victoria Beckham stepped out onto the scene with a chic new "pixie" haircut. I like it. She's innovative, so she automatically gets points in my book. AND she's a Spice Girl, which makes her infinitely cool. Duh.

Buuuut, that whole eating disorder thing in order to keep up appearances/keep David interested has to stop. I've included a picture of her during her healthier days, back when the Spice Girls were poppin.

I'm feelin the new look a lot though. Its cute and unique and you can tell that she's not trying super hard to be different ( ::cough:: Rihanna ::cough:: ).

I miss the old Posh.