Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thinking past Party Lines...

Former Secretary of State for the Bush Administration, Colin Powell, officially endorsed my boy Barack.

Republican? Democrat? Who cares?! Colin Powell sensed the absolutely obvious corruption back in the day, hence why he gladly turned over his position to Condi (eww). He does/knows what is best for us as a nation, not us as Democrats or us as Republicans.

What I like even more is that he explains his reasoning behind supporting Barack with such decorum and such sensibility. Its magnificent.

Mr. Powell, I salute you.

History in The Making (YES WE CAN!) :


Gabby said...

that was just beautiful. i'm definitely gonna be a biter and post that to my facebook profile

Sophia said...

First off....Colin Powell deserves to be highly saluted for the way he broke down his reasoning for his support of Senator Barack Obama...very well explained.

Second, kudos for you for staying relevant on what is going on in the world, in politics....

Third, I hope all is well chickadee and that you are off bedrest! ttys!