Thursday, October 16, 2008

Count Your Blessings...

As I'm sitting on the couch, a preview for an TLC documentary called "Half Man, Half Tree" comes on.

No shit. I couldn't believe it. But there is, in fact, a man who has a rare condition of fucking TREE ROOTS sprouting from his body!

Mildly intrigued doesn't even cover 15% of my reaction to the preview. A man that turned into a tree???? When you think you've seen it all, some craziness like this pops up.

This makes "people" from movies like "I Am Legend" scarily realistic. Damn.

So when my mom comes home, I tell her about this madness and she has the nerve to say "I wonder if creatures live in there. Like larva." Only my mom :-/ WTF!? I didn't even consider the possibility of maggots and shit growing in between his tree branch-like fingers.


Think about the torment/pain/ridicule this man must go through everyday. Count your blessings, folks. Its not a game.


Emily said...

That's so gross you've scarred me for life. please never share that sort of disturbing image with me ever again. My skin is crawling as i write this.

ronnie mars said...

time to blog about quarantine and your theory!