Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So the unfortunate surgery was not unfortunately painful! I'm so fucking happy, you have no idea.

My cousin had an ingrown toenail back when I was 7 and I went with her to the surgeon to get it fixed. I remember nothing about that day except for the ear-throbbing scream that my cousin made after the anesthesia injection. Its odd how I remember it so vividly sooo I was def freaking out all of yesterday/this morning while I was awaiting the pain...

But lo and behold, it really wasn't that bad!! Yayyyyy! I'm fixed :) but I'm also bed stricken so there shall be many blog posts to come since I will be bobbing around the house all day.

PS - If you're from the NYC area and you have been struck with feet issues, holla at Dr. Harvey Strauss in the heights. He's the bomb.