Monday, October 13, 2008

So yea. Long time no see.

12 whole days. Damn homie.

A lot has been going on. Work has started and is amazing, I made new friends and a new best friend who I LOVE. I love love and I love loving people so when amazing people come into my life, it makes me really happy.

Due to many hectic back-to-back events, I was completely awake from up from 2pm on Saturday until 3am this morning. Delirious doesn't even begin to describe the hot mess I was once the 24 hour mark hit. It was an experience nonetheless.

In other news...I'm diabetic. Lol. Soooo as a diabetic, my immune system is fairly shot and it takes me a while to heal once I get cuts or bruised or anything. Diabetics are known for having to get appendages removed like toes and fingers and shit. At diabetes camp, actually, we were required to wear socks everywhere in order to prevent stubbing toes. I don't know what happen, but I had this excruciating pain in my toe and it developed into this massively unattractive nastiness. I just came back to the doctor annnnd I' having surgery. FML! (FML = Fuck My Life)

So not only am I having surgery, but its early tomorrow morning, I'll be there by myself, leaving by myself via subway and I can't go to work for the rest of the week. FML again.

Speaking of FML, peep the funny/fucked up picture my new bestie sent me:

Damn. That hurts.

So the whole point of this blog was to reinvent. That's why I took a semester in the first place to get my shit together. I kinda sorta started started going to the gym and I realized I'm not as out of shape as I thought so yay. But I still have a lot of things to work on. This toe thing kinda got me shook and my mom is really scared for my health.

I think God is giving me a drop kick in the face and I need to shape up. I'm too young with too much going for me to have missing toes and shit.


In Politics News (you know I can't resist) - My mom received this e-mail from a friend about how corrupt the McCain campaign continues to be. Please read:

"The story is all over Progressive Talk Radio today about the MCain campaign
sending absentee ballot applications to registered democrats or people that have
donated to Obama's campaign. These ballots are deliberately misleading and
have postage paid return addresses that are for an election clerk that is
outside of your city or town. What this will end up doing is either having
your vote not counted, or if you return one of these, they will cite you for
election fraud, saying that you already voted absentee.These ballots are only
being sent out in "purple states" and this is a big deal.. This is
called voter caging, and is a huge problem.

The McCain campaign is stealing this election as we speak. Please get this
information out to as many people as you can ,and tell anyone you know who has
received one of these ballots that they need to contact their city election
clerk or the supervisor of elections immediately. Also call the local media
and let them know what is going on.

The main stream media is never going to cover this so we have to depend on our
ground campaign to get the word out to our voters."

This world is going crazy. I'm scared for my children. I'm scared that this world might collapse during my lifetime. 2012? Yea. Times are crazy.

And here are a few words from The Mavericky Tina Fey about our lovely Sarah Palin:

"If she wins, I'm done. And by I'm done, I mean I'm leaving the earth." - Tina Fey

LMAO. Tell us how you really feel :)