Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Doggie Style?

Meet Toffee:

Two Words: Tini Puppini


This would look ridiculous on a human, let alone a poor animal. Are they trying to inspire kids to wear this shit? Or torture their unknowing animals with this as their everyday wardrobe?

I don't know what is on the minds of the toy makers these days. Not only is the concept messed up, but the fashion itself is whack and outdated. Lets dissect this picture:

1) The glittery head band - I'm pretty sure the last time someone wore one of these was in 1996...if that. And if their going for the Auberella-headband-look...well..that doesn't work either.

2) The quaff- Between the tumor on the top of its head and the pink and white highlights...

3) The gold studded collar - bling?

4) The pseudo-leopard print shirt and the tight jeans - no comment.

5) The black platform shoes. All four of them. On a dog.

Aaaaanndd on top of all of this, the commercial is even more absurd! I tried to find it on YouTube, but no luck, so please look out for it. In the commercial, Tutu....or Toffee exclaims "I love my tail in these jeans!" Wow. Really now?

What's even worse? They named the dogs Tisha, Toffee and Tutu. And the slogan is "Unleash Your Doggie Diva." And you can even add them on facebook!

This is def that kinda thing where some 40something, geezer looking, old-school, company exec tried to push what she thought was cool on the rest of us. Who approved this?! Who even thought of this!? Who is actually gonna buy this!? Damn shame.