Thursday, November 20, 2008

Aww Papa

This morning was my usual routine - get up, shower, brush teeth, make coffee, and get dressed while watching re-runs of Fresh Prince. One of the commercials that came on was an ad campaign for the federal governments attempt at emphasizing the importance of fatherhood.

Since most of the non-exsistent fathers are black, of course a black guy is featured in the commercial, but quite frankly, its one of the cutest commercials I've seen thus far. It gets the point across while still maintaining a light-spirited attitude and I loved it.

It's commercials like these that make me wish I didn't fit the typical minority stereotype of only having a single parent. I used to get extremely depressed over it, but my mom is the best mom/dad/best friend I could ever have, so whatever.

Brava to whoever thought of this concept. Simply brilliant. Enjoy: