Sunday, August 31, 2008

Screw You

I don't know how the fuck I'm gonna survive living with her until January. Seriously, its one of the most increasingly toxic and hazardous relationships I've ever been in--the relationship with my mom.

Not setting a great tone, but frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

Basically, I'm annoyed for a couple of reasons: Her boyfriend is SO awkward and doesn't know how to have a conversation with me that doesn't involve giving me lame 18th century advice, she is way too lovey dovey with him and it makes me feel awkward, I heard them having sex in the beginning of the summer and now I can't get that out of my mind when I see them together, I am a selfish only child who wants my mom all to myself, she changes when she's around him, he's not my dad, my mom and I have managed just fine for the past 20 years, he gives me the sloppiest kisses on the cheek, yea...

So last night, she informed me that he was coming over and of course, I did the usual and texted all my friends to see if they wanted to hang out. Lucky for me, the majority of my friends are at college and the ones who ARE is NYC were plastered when I got a hold of them. Not a good look.

Mission failed.

So I resorted to my juvenile habit of locking myself in my room. I don't know why I'm so opposed to their relationship, but I just really don't feel comfortable around him. Soooo I stayed in my room--watched tv, talked on the phone, blogged...did all the normal technology shit.

I did not leave my room all night. Not only that, but I also avoided them this morning.

Bad move.

Now my mom is "disgusted," "pissed off," and "embarrassed" because of my behavior last night/this morning. I do want to apologize because I am sorry, but my pride won't allow me. She's not really very accepting of apologies anyway.

So what do I do when she's mad? I fight back.

That blew out of control and now we're both pissed off at each other. Luckily, this time I DO have an escape plan and I'm about to head downtown. Right now,I'm about to get a dose of my personal stress relief, aka the BEST FRO YO IN THE WORLD. Only available in NYC and CA, but if you live in either of those areas, you gotta go. Then party. Too many parties goin on tonight in celebration of Labor Day weekend that I can't pass up.

We fight so much these days that my body has developed its own coping technique - numbing itself. Literally, I am so numb to our arguments that I barely try to fight back nor do I take our arguments that seriously.

It's a hot mess.

On another note, I found some more updates on Governor Palin and her grimy ways, via

"On March 5th, 2008 Alaska's Republican Governor, Sarah Palin, announced to the media that she was 7 months pregnant with her 5th child. She is currently 44. Palin”s daughter Bristol is 16 and attends an Anchorage high school. Students who have attended class with her report that she has been out of school for months, claiming a prolonged case of mono. Palin does not appear pregnant in any recent photographs. The announcement came as quite a shock to people who had worked closely with her, and have been quoted as saying that she did not appear pregnant whatsoever during the prior 7 months."

So basically Governor Palin is trying to cover up her daughters 7 month pregnancy by saying that she herself is pregnant so she won't ruin her holier-than-thou image. Didn't some shit like this go down on Desperate Housewives?


Now that's a hot mess.

Thats all for now.