Friday, August 29, 2008

Reinvention (n.)

Thank you, Miss Gideon, for putting me on to the 21st century.

As technologically savvy as I proclaim to be, that too is not the complete truth, or else I would have started this shit along time ago. Too often do people (myself included) have a falsified image of themselves, when in actuality, we are lamer than we think. Pessimistic, I am not. Realistic, perhaps. Optimistic, I declare. Once again, a falsified image. Vicious cycle that I am hoping to break.

In the spirit of reinvention, I am determined to make a conscience effort to reinvent. College was not such a good look this year, resulting in a decision to take a semester off. Not one to quit or to delay completion, this was a hard decision to reach, but I rarely do what is best for me and I finally decided to put my foot down. My priorities were skewed, my intentions were wrong, and social consumed academic, gearing me off the route that I planned to take when I got to college: getting a degree. Duh. Money, time, and precious brain cells were wasted and now I'm home trying to get my shit together.

Only have I now reached the point of realization. My friends are all in college right now, and I am here. Unemployed and bored. Not a good place to be. Was my decision a good one? I have yet to discover....

I can go on forever. I swear its a genetic trait. My family does not know the meaning of quiet or politically correct, and I am a quintessential product of my environment. That's why my mom always suggested a diary, so I can write down my thoughts and try to make them concise. Time passed, diaries were written in, but only one entry in each. Up-keep is not my thing.

However, keep in mind that I TRULY AM a product of my environment. Addicted to facebook? Yes. AIM? Yes. Video chat? Yes. Texting? Yes. I'm totally consumed by the current technological pop stars and I am proud of it. Staying true to that, blogging seemed like the perfect outlet. The use of technology and the 1st amendment? Sign me up!

And here I am.

Stay tuned...